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quotedid ear piercing for my baby at home in bangalore..very good work. using gunshot ear piercing for babies these reviews were really helpful now i know reason

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Post Ear piercing, there are some precautions to be followed for aftercare but hardly any medications to be used, unless necessary.

If aseptic measures have been taken by the Doctor to prepare the ear lobes and also safe sterile studs have been used , there is usuall


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Testimonials from a few happy patients…

Baby Prerana ‎‎
did ear piercing for my baby at home in bangalore..very good work. using gunshot ear piercing for babies these reviews were really helpful now i know reason why plus safe to get done by doctor only for baby with delicate and sensitive skin cannot afford to take risks by non docotr
got my first daughter’s ear and nose piercing done by doc… He is very good with children and babies – my daughter is 2 years old and was very nervous but he has a very systematic process. he’s a thorough expert.. She didn’t cry one bit and there were no problems….no probs…quick, painless n easy and most importantly being doctor he has sterile procedure with no infections, side effects etc. can’t get babies piercings done by tattoo people…malls…parlours etc. since side effects can be very bad im going to get my second babies piercing here as well.
Yeah It’s Definately Good Yeah it’s definately good .
Doctor is safe experienced professional… I was visiting Bengaluru from US for short time and needed a reliable, safe, experienced professional for ear and nose piercing in bangalore. At first I just sought suggestions from my friends and I was going to make the mistake of going to a jeweller. And to think of all the risks associated with that. My cousin got her daughters ear pierced and she ended up with a swelling which later turned into an infection since the piercing was done in the wrong place and hit a nerve ending and the anti septic swab wasn`t even done properly by the parlour. This doctor is a thorough professional with a lot of experience and it totally shows. Has a very systematic, sterile and careful procedure ans uses latest medical equipment. No chance of any infection or problems, that why best to do it with doctor. Felt fully safe and comfortable. Very satisfied with piercing.
Excellent Ear Piercing Work 6 months after the piercing I’m glad I got it done here with this doctor. I had a previous piercing done at my local jeweller and ended up with a infection. Definitely not worth it as I had to go to the doctor after infection, I would get it done by the doctor and get it right the first time. Gina
Janvi ‎
Nicely Done Nose Piercing Job I was quite satisfied the things I was looking for was a 100% safe nose piercing for myself. I have sinus problem and allergies so I needed my nose piercing to be medcially safe the doctor took this into account and did a nice piercing job. – Janvi Chaudry
Biju ‎
Right, This was Safe, Simple & Quick Yes, this was simple, safe and quick. – Biju Matthew
Reena ‎
Nice and quick service Nice and quick service at very affordable costs.
Siksha ‎ ‎
Its amazing how these guys work. Its amazing how these guys work. Quick efficient and painless. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Siksha
Nicely Done Nose Piercing Job, Dr. M. Patil When someone suggested Dr Patil for my wife’s nose piercing job we were all quite nervous since she had undergone a terrible painful experience with the previous doctor. But nevertheless we took the chance and it has proved to be a good decision. Priya now looks beautiful with those nose rings of hers and I love the confidence this has brought about in her. Its all thanks to Dr. M. Patil and his team,. Benugopal Iyer