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quotedid ear piercing for my baby at home in bangalore..very good work. using gunshot ear piercing for babies these reviews were really helpful now i know reason

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Post Ear piercing, there are some precautions to be followed for aftercare but hardly any medications to be used, unless necessary.

If aseptic measures have been taken by the Doctor to prepare the ear lobes and also safe sterile studs have been used , there is usuall


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Nose piercing in Bangalore done without pain, discomfort or side effects

Nose piercing dates as far back as 2000 BC and was used to signify a person’s financial status.

Today, nose piercings are popular and used more so for aesthetic reasons, cultural, religious reasons and as a way for self-expression.

Nose piercing consists of piercing the skin or cartilage which forms the nose, normally for the purpose of wearing jewellery.

A nose piercing is usually placed in the curve of the nostril and on occasion will be placed through the piece of cartilage that divides the nostrils, known as the septum.

Once the nose piercing has been completed, either a nose ring or stud is inserted into the piercing and must remain there until the healing process in complete in order to ensure that the piercing does not close.

At our Center and locations, we specialize in High Quality Nose Piercings using the latest technology used by physicians worldwide.

Our nose piercings are conducted Hygienically, Aseptically, Painlessly and with no risk of Infection, and no Side Effects.

The Bangalore piercing center is your #1 choice for safe and problem free nose piercing in Bangalore:

  • We use only highly sterilized piercing instruments
  • Your nose piercing specialist will wear single-use disposable gloves and clean the nose piercing instrument before and after each use — so it’s safe and hygienic.

We’ve conducted thousands of nose piercings at our Bangalore offices and we confident that we can service your nose piercing needs.

Our systematic nose piercing procedure

Our team of medical professionals are able to make nose piercings quick and painless with no risk!!

When getting nose piercings at our Piercing Center In Bangalore, we will:

  • First clean the surface of your nose with a disinfectant/antiseptic wipe.
  • Accurately mark your nose using a medical marker
  • Conduct our Nose Piercings with minimal discomfort and pain
  • Insert jewelry of choice into the nostril
  • Provide you with detailed aftercare instructions in regards to caring for your nose piercing

Nose Piercing Procedure Being Done Dr. M. Patil in Bangalore

Nose piercing in Bangalore: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Do Nose Piercings Hurt?

A: The Nose piercing procedures we conduct are relatively painless, however this would vary depending on your tolerance level.

If anything, you may feel a little bit of soreness after the piercing is complete, however, this usually do not last for more than 1-2 days.

Up to 95% of all the patients who underwent nose piercing with us, reported no pain or discomfort after 1 to 3 hours.

Q: What type of metal should be used for nose piercing and when can I change the nose piercing jewelry?

A: The metal used for nose piercing is very important and should be chosen carefully.

The quickness of the healing process can depend greatly on the quality of metal used; therefore, the usual metals for nose piercing are gold, stainless steel, or titanium.

You SHOULD NOT change your nose ring until it is fully healed in order to prevent infections. We use surgical steel in the piercing process to remove pain, increase speed of piercing and maximize the healing process.

Q: How long until I can leave the nose piercing empty?

A: Nose piercings tend to close VERY quickly. For this reason, we suggest you always keep jewelry in your nose piercing. If you need to temporarily conceal it, try a clear acrylic retainer, as these are difficult to see.

It is Extremely Important that you seek a medical professional like the ones at Bangalore Piercing Center for getting your nose pierced.

This procedure is a delicate matter and should not be conducted by amateurs or non-medical professionals.

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