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quotegot my first daughter’s ear and nose piercing done by doc… He is very good with children and babies – my daughter is 2 years old and was very nervous but he has a very systematic process.

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Post Ear piercing, there are some precautions to be followed for aftercare but hardly any medications to be used, unless necessary.

If aseptic measures have been taken by the Doctor to prepare the ear lobes and also safe sterile studs have been used , there is usuall


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Ear Piercing Jewellery For Babies

Ear Piercing Jewellery for your baby,  How do you go about choosing or buying the right jewellery and from where ?

When you have decided to pierce your baby’s ears and want to choose or buy the ear piercing jewellery for your baby, keep these following points in mind.

  • Firstly, the ear piercing has to be done by a Professional, preferably a Doctor, who is trained to do the piercing.
  • Secondly, the ear piercing is typically done by a device or Instrument or gadget commonly called as the Gunshot ear piercing technique (excluding specific suggestions by the doctor), which is a painless, bloodless, aseptic procedure which is absolutely safe for your baby.
  • Thirdly, for a safe, perfect, precise ear piercing the Doctor would use Standard Sterile Ear piercing jewellery studs for babies, which he would dispense from a factory sealed container. These are designed to fit into the gun – like gadget, for accurate safe piercing.

Having understood the importance of Ear PIERCING jewellery studs for the actual piercing, these ear piercing jewellery, can be selected and chosen from the Doctor.

At our Body and Ear and Nose Piercing centre, we use these STERILE Ear studs which come in various assorted shapes and designs but they are all of the same international standard size and dimension which would fit into the piercing equipment and also support any for of jewellery safely in the future.

They are either made in USA or UK or Swiss and these sterile ear piercing studs come with a guarantee and are Hypoallergenic .

The base material of the piercing jewelry stud is 24 Karats Gold Plated, high grade Surgical Steel , the same as what operation theatre surgical instruments are made of.

As shown in our website they are very pretty to look at, and meant for piercing and also post piercing use, unlike the regular ear jewellery which cannot be used for piercing by the gun.

However, post piercing these pierced jewellery studs can either be retained or removed anytime between 2 weeks and 6 weeks , as it would give enough time for the healing to take place, minimising chances of infection or the hole, closing.

Subsequently you can replace or alternate this ear piercing jewellery for babies, with any new ear jewellery you have bought or intend buying.

At the first instance, get the piercing done and choose from  these pretty international designed, safe , sterile studs for a safe, protected piercing for your baby.  Once this is done, any jewellery can be used and the range is extensive.

You do not have to buy anything now but in case you have already bought the jewellery, you can replace it later or keep it as an extra pair.

I am sure this suggestion and explanation will help you choose ear piercing jewellery for piercing Your Baby’s ears.

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