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quotegot my first daughter’s ear and nose piercing done by doc… He is very good with children and babies – my daughter is 2 years old and was very nervous but he has a very systematic process.

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Post Ear piercing, there are some precautions to be followed for aftercare but hardly any medications to be used, unless necessary.

If aseptic measures have been taken by the Doctor to prepare the ear lobes and also safe sterile studs have been used , there is usuall


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Get yours or your baby’s ears piercing in Bangalore, aseptically and painlessly in less than 10 minutes by a medical professional

The Bangalore Piercing Center specializes in high quality ear piercings using the latest technology used by physicians worldwide.  And when it comes to ear piercing, the Bangalore Piercing Center is the #1 Choice for Ear Piercing in Bangalore.

Our ear piercings are conducted Hygienically, Aseptically, Painlessly and with no risk of Infection, and no Side Effects.

Our ear piercing procedures are quick and painless and can be completed in Less Than 10 Minutes.

At The Bangalore Piercing Center:

  • We use only highly sterilized ear piercing instruments
  • Our piercings are done using “gun shot” piercing technology depending on your specific requirement
  • Your ear piercing specialist will wear single-use disposable gloves and clean the ear piercing instrument before and after each use — so it’s safe and hygienic.
  • We do not use or reuse needles that can cause bleeding and septic
  • We do not reuse the same equipment or pens etc. to mark
  • We check to ensure there are no skin tissue ruptures or tears which can cause long term pain or side effects

We have now conducted over 15,000 ear piercings at our Bangalore offices alone. And with this experience behind us, we are confident that we can service your ear piercing needs.

Our systematic procedure

Our team of medical professionals are trained to make ear piercings quick and painless with no risk.

When getting ear piercings at the Bangalore Piercing Center, we will:

  • First clean the surface of the  ears with a disinfectant/antiseptic wipe.
  • Accurately mark you ear lobe using a medical marker
  • Use an anesthetic only if and when needed.  With our procedure it is not needed in most cases.
  • Use a professional piercing system featuring “gun shot ear piercing” technology as appropriate
  • Conduct our piercings with minimal to no discomfort and pain

Variety of ear piercing services for different age groups

Ear piercing for Babies:  Male and Female Babies (Ages 1 month till 1 ½ yrs)

Ear piercing for Children:  Male and Female Children (Ages 1 ½ yrs till 12 yrs)

Ear piercing for Adolescents:  Boys and Girls (Ages 12 yrs till 17 yrs)

Ear Piercing for adolescents can vary greatly depending on the adolescent. It is at this adolescent age that cartilage piercings have also become more popular.

Ear Piercing for adolescents can be more advanced than a simple ear lobe piercing and can offer a vast array of possibilities in regards to location, angles, and jewelry options.

We are adequately experienced and equipped to deal with all of the more advanced details associated with some types of ear piercing for adolescents and we strive to conduct quick and easy procedures that are clean, painless and safe.


Ear Piercing For Boy Done By
Dr. M. Patil : Before Picture


Ear Piercing For Boy
Done By Dr. M. Patil : After Picture

Ear piercing for adults: males and females (Age 18+)

Ear piercing for adults offers a variety of choices. Currently there are 10 common types of ear piercings for adults, including:

  • Ear Lobe Piercings (The most common)
  • Helix Piercings
  • Industrial Ear Piercings
  • Conch Piercings
  • Daith Piercings
  • Tragus Piercings
  • Rook Piercings
  • Dermal Punches
  • Auricle piercings
  • Orbital piercings
Safe and Beautiful Ear Piercing
For Women Done By Dr. M. Patil : Before Picture
Safe and Beautiful Ear Piercing
For Women Done By Dr. M. Patil : After Picture

At The Bangalore Piercing Center we have conducted every form of ear piercing in a safe and medically compliant manner while meeting the specific beauty and aesthetic needs of the patient.

It is the #1 Choice for Ear Piercing in Bangalore. Our trained medical professionals ensure that your ear piercing is completed quick and easy with no discomfort or pain.

For more information call: 2226 4949

To schedule an appointment call:  2226 4949