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quotedid ear piercing for my baby at home in bangalore..very good work. using gunshot ear piercing for babies these reviews were really helpful now i know reason

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Post Ear piercing, there are some precautions to be followed for aftercare but hardly any medications to be used, unless necessary.

If aseptic measures have been taken by the Doctor to prepare the ear lobes and also safe sterile studs have been used , there is usuall


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Safe and Sterile Ear Piercing for Children: Male and Female Children (Ages 1 ½ yrs till 12 yrs)

After the parents decide, Ear Piercing for children should generally be done at a younger age because it will generally be lesser of a concern when done at a tender age.

As children get older, they often avoid getting their ears pierced because of the fear of pain, rather than any pain itself.

Because of the experience of our medical staff, we are able to provide ear piercing for children that is quick and painless.

This allows for a fun, safe, and stress free environment for you and your child.