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Ear, Nose and Body Piercing Done Safely by Doctor In Bangalore

Dr. M. Patil, is a Consultant Physician, Acupuncture and Acupressure Specialist and Medical Director with over 30 years of experience as a practicing Physician in Bangalore. Dr. M. Patil was also the first to introduce safe, sterile, hypoallergenic as well as gunshot ear piercing and nose piercing procedures back in 1981 to the people of Bangalore, including India’s medical community. Since then, Dr. M. Patil has consistently been on the forefront of cutting-edge safe piercing technology and procedures.  All piercing procedures are conducted keeping the highest standards in beauty, care as well as safety.

The center has kept up with the growing and evolving piercing demands and needs of the citizens of Bangalore India, Mysore , surrounding areas of Bangalore as well as visitors, tourists and residents from around India as well as Internationally, from around the world. Dr. M. Patil heads a profession

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quotedid ear piercing for my baby at home in bangalore..very good work. using gunshot ear piercing for babies these reviews were really helpful now i know reason

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Post Ear piercing, there are some precautions to be followed for aftercare but hardly any medications to be used, unless necessary.

If aseptic measures have been taken by the Doctor to prepare the ear lobes and also safe sterile studs have been used , there is usuall


Availability , Consultations & Appointments:

Call for appointment Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm

Consultations Also Available By Prior Appointment

Contact Us For Questions and Information At : 2226 4949

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  • Ear, Nose or Body Piercing Done Safely, Hygienically And Painlessly By A Medical Professional With No Side Effects or Infections

    The Bangalore Piercing Center specializes in high quality and safe ear, nose and body piercing procedures that are quick and painless, preventing infections or side effects.

    Introduced and conducting medically supervised ear, nose and body piercing for Males and Females since 1981 in Bangalore / Bengaluru India.  As well as ear piercing for babies as per Indian customs and traditions.

    The piercings are International Health Authority standards approved sterile piercings using anti-allergic piercing equipment and piercing studs that prevent infection.

    Our innovative technology and procedure allows you to get your piercings done by an expert medical professional in 10 Minutes or Less.

  • Our Safe, Sterile And Systematic Piercing Procedures

    Safe, Sterile and Anti-Allergic
    Piercing Procedures At Dr. M. Patil’s

    The Bangalore Piercing Center uses highly precise, hypo allergenic, sterile medical instruments.
    Depending upon the piercing type, our piercings are conducted using gunshot piercing technology or the appropriate technology based on the type of piercing.

    We also ensure that the location of ear, nose or body piercing is accurately marked using a medical marker and that anti-septic is applied properly to the location of piercing.

    We do not use pens, pins, needles and take care to ensure the right timing and follow-up on the anti-septic.  A 1 time use disposable gloves may be used as required per procedure.

    After examining and ensuring that no nerve endings or susceptible body tissues are being punctured or damaged, we proceed with the piercing procedure.

    Our ear piercing equipment is designed to pierce using 20 gauge earrings, which are normally made out of 24 karat gold plated surgical steel.

    These 20 gauge earrings also serve as the ideal diameter for safe piercing, and appropriate for all forms of jewellery.

    After about 3-4 weeks, the earrings can be changed or retained using simple steps without any pain, problems or infection. You will be informed of the simple steps.

    In the event that the earrings are removed earlier, if the piercing is left unfilled for an extended period of time, there is a chance that the piercing will close.

    Upon healing, the earlobe piercing will shrink to a smaller gauge with the prolonged absence of earrings, but may never completely disappear.

    All of our jewelry studs and piercing procedures feature US, UK and Swiss made packaged and sterilized tools that are anti allergenic and designed to meet International medical and piercing standards.

    The straight and thin post of the studs provides a sure and gentle piercing with a quick healing process.

  • Full Range of Piercings Are Offered Ranging From:

    1. Ear Piercing for Babies : Male and Female Babies (Ages 1 month till 1  1/2 years old)
    2. Ear Piercing for Male and Female Children (Ages 1 1/2 years till 12 years old – under parent adult supervision)
    3. Ear Piercing for Boys, Girls, Adolescents and Teenagers (Ages 13 years till 17 years old – under parent adult supervision)
    4. Ear Piercing for Men and Women Adults (Ages 18+ years)
    5. Ear Piercing for babies, children and adults on special occasions, religious functions and ceremonies.
  • Reasons And Availability For Getting Piercings:

    • Aesthetic Reasons: Piercing for Beauty and Attractiveness
    • Medical Reasons: Piercing for Therapeutic pressure points
    • Religious: Piercing during Birthdays, Children ceremonies and on Auspicious Calender Dates
    • Cultural Reasons: Piercing during Functions and Special Events

    There is scientifically documented medical data that show that piercings can provide a therapeutic value to the individual based on specific pressure points.

    Religious and cultural reasons in Bengaluru, India for piercings in children and even some adults.

    Note: On client location and in-house piercing services are available for special occasions, birthdays and religious functions per request and availability.

    No matter your reason, The Bangalore Piercing Center can service all of your specific piercing needs at our Bangalore offices.

    We are available 7 days a week (Monday – Sunday) from 8:30 am till 8:30 pm.